My Diamond Ring

From an early age I can remember my mother’s engagement ring. It wasn’t a big stone or really flashy, but different. It was always clean and polished and sparkling. The ring is gold and has a single diamond in the middle. It is tear drop shaped with a small heart cut out on one side and was made about 1970. It came from a small jewellery shop on the Isle of Wight and I have never seen another ring like it.

I always wanted to wear it whilst dressing up but was never allowed – I had a selection of rings from car boot sales, charity shops and jumble sales but they weren’t the same. Mum always said that, “the ring would be yours one day”.

Mum didn’t make a will, but in amongst the paperwork of what coffin she wanted and songs to be played at her funeral, was a short note stating, “my engagement ring is to go to Amy when I die”. There was no mention about her other rings or belongings. My dad and sister didn’t mind as they knew that I had always wanted it.

Sadly, my mum died on 18th December 2004. I didn’t ask about the ring then as I didn’t think it was right, but I knew I would be getting it soon. Mum’s funeral was on December 31st and after the service my dad gave me the ring, saying, “I had better look after it”. My fingers are slightly bigger than my mum’s were and I have to wear it on my little finger.

Since the day I got it I haven’t taken it off for very long (only for applying hand cream etc.). Even when I went in for an operation I refused to take it off and I made them tape it up so that mum was with me and I knew I would be safe.

Some people may not think it’s much but it is the best thing I could ever have had from my mum’s belongings. I also believe it was the start of my ring and gold jewellery obsession!

If I have a daughter it will eventually be passed to her; if not I think it will go to my eldest son as he is the only one of the children who met my mum.

Yummy Mummy Amy

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