Spring 2010

Our geographical research area this time is Germany. Delightful Dukkie has given us a guide to the changes in Europe which led up to the outbreak of the First World War and against this background Chr1s has traced their family history through Central Europe. We can also read about how Christine in Herts tracked down the German roots of Albert Morris Marks, a director of J. Lyons & Co.

Once the bare bones of their tree are constructed, most researchers start to investigate the background of their ancestors’ lives and often come up with unexpected tales to tell. Darksecretz, Lin Fisher, bubblebelle and Vicky the Viking share their disturbing finds.


Velma Dinkley writes about her family holiday where she found more history involved than she had anticipated. Guest author, C P Lewcock, tells how he became the “proud” owner of an example of taxidermy which may or may not be a family heirloom.

Reading through the articles in this issues, it becomes clear that without the generosity of fellow genealogists and relatives, many of us would make little progress in our research. Elaine …Spain describes how a contact early on in her search overwhelmed her with his generosity and Caroline writes about the random (and often unsolicited) acts of kindness which abound in the genealogical community.

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