December 2007

This is only the fifth month of publication and we’re already going from strength to strength. Many thanks to all contributors, in this and past issues, because without you we wouldn’t exist. We are planning various themes for the coming months and nearer the time we will be appealing for stories on the Magazine board. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

This month’s issue leads with an article by Ann from Sussex based on her thread on the General board asking members for their own family myths. The membership responded with a fascinating mix of stories and four of these have been made into articles of their own. Look very closely and you will spot Royalty amongst the photographs!

Not letting Christmas pass without a mention, Cherry Tradewell recalls her post WW2 Christmas childhood memories, whilst yummy-mummy-of-2 tells of her mother’s unhappy Christmastimes. Guinevere explains the history behind her family’s special way of celebrating, Suejmog recalls a family story of when her merchant seaman uncle surprised the family by returning home from sea in time for Christmas and Sunny Kate has put her traumatic memories of Christmas 1974 into poetry.

We also have stories from Rosie Knees, Daisiesinmay and Pippa Doll, based on their own family tree research.

Which just leaves us to say “Merry Christmas to all Family Tree Forum Magazine’s readers and all the very best for 2008”.