May 2009

The theme Money, Money, Money covers a wide range of possibilities.

In this month’s issue, Marjorie Dawn takes a look through the eyes of Herbert de Fraine at the internal workings of the Bank of England and also his own working life there.

Merry Monty Montgomery shows us that having great wealth or success does not always make for happiness.We have a story about the business failure of her relation from sally and jenoco gives us a tale from Val wish Id never started concerning forgery and embezzlement. Caroline writes about a bank clerk cum financial journalist and Elizabeth Herts writes about Robert Heath, hatter, and how his extended family benefitted from his will.

Many of us think that our ag labs had uneventful lives – if they lived on the coast this may be far from the truth. After all, they are hardly going to put smuggler as their occupation on a census form. Caroline has a look at the history of smuggling and the reasons for it as well as some of the occupations involved in its prevention and also writes about some of the smugglers’ activities in the West Sussex area. Merry Monty Montgomery tells us about a man who managed to be on both sides of the law. Our Family Treasure article this month is from Sunny Rosy and Just Barbara reminds us not to forget her Grannie’s cousin Bobby and other soldiers who lose their lives in war.