September 2008

Introducing the theme of Education, Guinevere looks into the history of the teaching profession and the various resources that can be used to trace teacher and pupil ancestors and Georgette examines the role of the governess.

Merry Monty Montgomery, Marjorie Dawn and Roger in Sussex provide stories of their academic ancestors, whilst Jill on the A272 shares with us the entries in the Victorian logbooks from the school where she works in Haywards Heath in East Sussex.

In this issue we look at the theme of reunited families, Yummy Mummy of 2 and Gloryer share their stories, whilst Sherlockslovechild draws from his expertise providing tips and advice on tracing living people.

We finish the trilogy about the Bluett family from Paul Barton, Special Agent, with an article about the untimely death of Thomas Bluett in 1846 and Cath RJ shares the story of her great x4 grandmother, Ann Banton, who lived to the grand old age of 101.  Continuing the My Kind of Town and Family Treasure features, Jennie writes about her home town of Boston in Linconshire and Tom Tom explains how the memorial card of his great x4 grandmother came into his possession.