June 2009

Welcome to the June issue of FTF Magazine which we devote to Antipodean research.

Australia was first discovered by Europeans in the early 1600s, however it was the late 18th century which saw the first convicts and troops arriving on its shores and establishing penal colonies, which were the origins of the major cities as we know today. Delightful Dukkie provides an insight into this period of Australian history, whilst dicole focuses on her home  ‘town’ of Sydney and its evolvement into a modern cosmopolitian city.

It was gold and wool which were the economic making of Australia, and Sunny Kate and Val and George delve into these further. Sunny Kate tells the story of her ancestors who were lured by the prospect of gold.

Val and George also looks into World War Two Prisoner of War camps in New South Wales, as well as telling us of how she, her husband and her family emigrated to Australia as ‘£10 Poms’ in 1964.

Yvonne from Oz, MacPanda and jenoco tell the stories of how their ancestors arrived in Australia, and Mary from Italy and KiwiChris provide excellent guides on how to trace your Australian and New Zealand ancestors.

Moving away from the Antipodes, we celebrate Father’s Day by bringing you stories from Rosi Glow and Little Nell, who remember their late fathers with fondness and affection.