How FTF can help you research Scottish and Irish ancestors

Have you discovered a Scottish or Irish ancestor, but have been unsuccessful in researching the family? Then look no further then Family Tree Forum where help is at hand to break down your genealogical brick walls! Firstly, take a look at ‘The Wiki’ – Family Tree Forum’s Reference Library.  This is an excellent resource with a wealth of information for any family historian. Paying particular attention to Scotland and Ireland, these research guides will put you on the right track to break down those brick walls:-

Scottish Records

Irish Research

The country pages for both Scotland and Ireland are packed with general information, useful addresses and links:-



Scotland is part of Family Tree Forum’s ‘Places of Worship Project‘, whereby members’ photographs make up an excellent database of images. Perhaps you can find a picture of the church connected to your family, or maybe you can help out taking photos for the project. To find out how you can get involved go to Regional Projects. Click on this link to view the photographs already collected for the project Places of Worship.

Perhaps another member of the site is researching your family and has been more successful. To get in touch search for family names in the site’s GEDCOM database. Many members have found links between their families. Why don’t you upload your GEDCOM to improve your chances of making that connection?

If, after looking at the wealth of on-site information, you are still stuck, then don’t fear, help is still at hand! Family Tree Forum is most fortunate to have experienced members who are ready and waiting to answer your questions and give you guidance on tracing your elusive ancestors. You can find them on the Research Advice boards.  Go on, post away, they promise not to bite!

But most of all, good luck with your research into your Scottish and Irish ancestors, we hope that Family Tree Forum can assist you in your quest. Please let us know if we have been able to help, and perhaps we can publish your story in a future issue.

Velma Dinkley

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